Its high content of soursop, red onion, stem cells, jojoba oil, biotin, chamomile, green tea and xylitol, helps to prevent premature fall and strengthen hair, stimulating its growth, giving it shine, hydration, softness, volume , moisturizes, repairs and avoids open tips and frizz.

For all type of hair.


SULFATE, SALT AND PARABEN FREEIt helps prevent hair loss and stimulates its growth, keeping it strong, bright and soft. Renew the hair fiber by means of Stem cells, giving your hair beauty and vitality. In addition, it works as antioxidant and hair purifier against environmental pollutants, thanks to its natural extracts of soursop, red onion and aloe vera.

  • Helps prevent fall
  • Stimulates growth
  • Antioxidant and purifier


PARABEN FREE. It is a mask based on natural soursop and red onion extracts.  It contains Stem Cells which restore lost nutrients and help restore the softness and vitality of your hair. It provides extreme nutrition, which strengthens the hair strand and helps stimulate its growth, in addition to purifying your hair from the residues.

  • Nourishes deeply
  • Stimulates growth
  • Provides softness, shine and vitality
  • Increased combness
  • Repairs


PARABEN FREE. It offers your hair repair and deep hydration during the night, helping to regenerate the hair fiber. Mask based on natural soursop extracts, red onion and jojoba oil. It also protects and helps to renew the scalp thanks to the action of stem cells that regenerates it from the root to the tips. It maintains color and generates a protective layer against the aggressions of the day. 

  • Deep repair and hydration
  • Protects against contaminants and helps maintain color
  • Requires rinsing the next day
  • DO NOT use with tonic prevention fall.


Treatment that rejuvenates the hair follicle thanks to stem cells, with natural extracts of soursop, red onion, rosemary, ponytail, chamomile and biotin, which help stimulate hair growth, restoring strength, shine and vitality.

  • Prevents hairloss
  • Strengthens hair and stimulates its growth
  • It can be applied with dry or wet hair
  • No rinsing required.
  • Daily use (2 times)
  • DO NOT use in conjunction with the Night Capillary Spa
  • Apply directly to the scalp

Normal To Oily Hair

Dry And Damage Hair

Coloured Or Highlighted Hair

Kids Hair